Anne Power


My love of invention with paint stems from an over active imagination, I constantly have images and ideas coming all of the time that I have to get them out and on to the canvas. I love the colours that you can use, I have an obsession with alizarin crimson and although I try to not have it in every painting, it is a challenge. It is the most beautiful of all the colours.
Art never fails to amaze me and how it can move you emotionally. I love art that lifts you to a higher place, the effect is almost permanent like an excitement you cannot escape, it is the most wonderful feeling.

There's an abundance of inspirational people out there, I feel incredibly fortunate that there's never a lack of inspiration for another painting. It is positively and eternally inspiring.
My paintings begin as an idea usually triggered by a person who has either written lyrics, made a piece of music or film or someone wearing a huge flowery dress or maybe just a small bunch of flowers.
One of the best sources was recently when a girl about seven called Zoe painted my picture and gave it to me, I had it framed it and keep it in my studio.

Most of all to the people who buy my work. I give thanks to them for encouraging my imagination.

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